Klaus Walz
  Foto: Gerrit Kunze

Rubber Souls    1966-1968

                    Blue Penny   1968-1969



At 14 years of age Klaus joined a young German band,
called "Rubber Souls".

This three-piece-band even recorded a single ("Paradise
For Sale") for EMI.


Epitaph  1971-1978

-Between 1971 and 1978 Klaus was the guitarist for the
German-British band "Epitaph" with members Cliff Jackson
(guitar, vocals), Jim Mc Gillivray (drums) and Bernie

In late 1970 Epitaph signed a recording deal with Polygram.
Many European and US concerts followed shortly after their first album had been released.
The band broke up for a short time in 1975, after their last US tour. Klaus became a studio musician and became a hired gun for various bands ("Guru Guru", "Karthago", "Jutta Weinhold Band", etc).

Bernie Kolbe

 Jan Marc Giebeler

Stefanie Shea

Nelson Ariagada

Jane  since 1986

In 1986 Klaus joined Jane. The line-up was the same as it is today: Klaus Walz, Peter Panka, Werner Nadolny and
Charly Maucher.

Jane played various concerts and released a live album on the PolyGram/Metronome label called "Live ´89". Charly
Maucher moved to Canada shortly after the albums release.
Jane, it seems, never found the right replacement.
Numerous bass players had been recruited and fired.


Here are a few pictures from that time:

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