Over 40 years live music


jane - Line Up
Charly Maucher, Klaus Walz, Fritz Randow, Corvin Bahn, Niklas Turmann


Hardly another German rock act looks back on as long and successful a history as JANE. Founded in autumn 1970, after bassist Klaus Hess, saxophonist Werner Nadolny and vocalist Peter Panka had split from the professional act, Justice of Peace, changing not only their musical environment but also their instruments, Hess switched to guitars, Nadolny to organ, and Panka to drums.

The original line-up, who cut the debut album, Together, in 1971, also featured bassist Charly Maucher. JANE attracted hordes of fans not only in Germany, but also in Austria and Switzerland.

Over two million copies of the eleven albums that saw the light of day via the legendary Krautrock label, Brain, were sold between 1972 and 1982, while releases like the debut, Together, and Fire, Water, Earth And Air or Live At Home (both tram 1976) are considered milestones in German rock history.

Following a number of personnel changes, JANE'S 2002 release, Genuine, featured Peter Panka (vocals, drums), Werner Nadolny (keyboards), Charly Maucher (vocals, bass) and Klaus Walz (guitars) -in other words almost the original line-up from JANE'S glorious past.

The clear, charismatic voice of mastermind and founder member, Peter Panka, and the deeply melodic style of their songwriting continue to give the band their incomparable flair. When co-founder Wemer Nadolny hits his keyboard keys (altematively combined with the sounds of his legendary white Hammond organ), accompanied by Panka's expressive voice, JANE'S songs really begin to float.
Fine string sounds appear to rise from imaginary clouds of ground mist, pearly piano sounds seem to drip on the ground, but there are also rousing guitars, and Charly Maucher's sandpaper voice proves that he cuts just as fine a figure on his bass as he does behind the vocal mike.

In June 2007 when Peter Panka died, was the band faced a serious challenge. Peters greatest wish was that the band should continue.

As early as the 1970s, Jane have fascinated their massive following with their unique musical mix: the legendary act from Hanover combined meaty hard rock with spherical keyboard arrangements, haunting melodies and mysterious lyrics, perfecting these parameters in 1976 on their classic FIRE, WATER, EARTH & AIR, a concept album about the four basic elements. 36 years later, they have come up another significant concept release on another mythical theme: KUXAN SUUM sees Peter Panka’s Jane concentrate on the umbilical cord between heaven and earth, as described in the Maya calendar.

This balancing act between glorious past and spirited present is also documented by the band’s current line-up: original bassist/vocalist Charly Maucher was part of the first team in the early Seventies and played on classics such as TOGETHER (1972) and JANE III (1974). Guitarist Klaus Walz (formerly Epitaph) has been a permanent band member since the Eighties, making him the longest-serving musician in Peter Panka’s Jane. The third man is drummer Fritz Randow (ex-Eloy, Epitaph, Saxon), who brilliantly fills the gap left by the death of band founder Peter Panka in 2007. The group is complemented by organist Corvin Bahn (Gamma Ray, Uli Jon Roth, Crystal Breed) and guitarist/vocalist Niklas Turmann (Crystal Breed, Uli Jon Roth).

KUXAN SUUM, the new studio album, is marked by all the features that have always characterised this amazing band, and so much more. Such as solid guitar riffs, Peter Panka’s Jane celebrating that driving power rock that has always been an integral part of their overall sound. Corvin Bahn had a blast with his Hammond organ and demonstrates the advantages of the legendary Moog synthesiser. The eleven tracks are connected by a range of short instrumental passages which make the album an atmospherically dense work of art. You could say: Jane goes magic again!